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Ueno Sakuragi: connecting Yanaka and Ueno

Ueno Sakuragi is a neighborhood in Tokyo in between Yanaka Cemetery in the north and Ueno park in the south. It is a quiet place with several historic places and shops. It is served by Uguisudani station in the east (the JR Yamanote line station with the lowest numbers of passengers) and is fairly close to Nezu station in the West.

There are a number of temples in this small strip of land, but only a few. It is most memorable thanks to a couple of old houses: Ueno Sakuragi Atari and the old Yoshida sake store. 2 important temples are also in this area: Kan’ei-ji, once Tokyo’s most important temple that covered the whole of Ueno park, and Jyomyo-in, home to 84,000 jizo. Kan’ei-ji is a ghost of what it once was and not really worth your time.

This article lists my recommendations in Ueno Sakuragi. This area is often seen as a natural extension of the Yanesen area. During a visit, be sure to also check Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi.





Closest stations:
Uguisudani Station (JR Yamanote line)
Nezu Station (Chiyoda line)

Names in Japanese:
上野桜木あたり (Ueno Sakuragi Atari), 浄名院 (Jyōmyōin temple), 旧吉田屋酒店 (Yoshida old sake store)