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Discovering Sendagi

Sendagi forms with Yanaka and Nezu the Yanesen district, one of the well known places in Tokyo where the old shitamachi spirit lingers on. While Yanaka and Nezu both have major sights these these such as Yanaka Cemetery and Nezu Shrine, Sendagi seems to have missed out on having a major attraction, but makes up with the sheer number of authentic places to be found here.

This overview is by no means complete. Also please note the following sights are only in Sendagi. Your visit should also include neighbouring Yanaka and Nezu.








Closest stations:
Sendagi Station (Chiyoda line)

Names in Japanese:
旧安田楠雄邸庭園 (former residence of Kusuo Yasuda), おにぎりcafé 利さく (Onigiri Café Risaku), 菊見煎餅総本店 (Kikumi Senbei Sohonten), あめ細工 吉原 (Ame-zaiku Yoshihara), 今川焼千駄木 (Imagawa-yaki Sendagi)