Maps to explore Old Tokyo

Where to start exploring old Tokyo and Shitamachi? While old Tokyo elements can be found in many different places and the definition of Shitamachi can cover a rather wide area (see Shitamachi/old Tokyo article), you have various areas within Tokyo where you can find these spots. I chose on this website to showcase two of the most important areas: Yanesen and the Ueno-Asakusa area, that you can see on the interactive google maps below. These areas are located in the north-east of Tokyo, about 3km north of Tokyo Station.

Click the colourful icons on the map for the basic details and a link to more information.

The Yanesen area (Yanaka-Nezu-Sendagi)

Yanesen is one of the classic areas to experience Shitamachi. If has become a major tourist destination since the early 2000s and packs many of the Old Tokyo features in a compact area. Start exploring from Nippori Station. With the Yamanote line, it takes 11 minutes to get there from Tokyo Station.


The Ueno-Asakusa area (Ueno-Asakusa-Iriya-Mukojima)

Ueno and Asakusa are two of the foremost touristic areas in Tokyo where the Tokyoites themselves will send you to find the traditional Tokyo/Japan. Best reached through either Ueno station, 5 minutes from Tokyo station, or Asakusa station, 16 minutes from Tokyo station (change trains in Kanda).


Map markers by Maps Icons Collection