Where to eat around Tokyo Station

If you are wondering where and what to eat at Tokyo Station on your trip, you worry about nothing. Tokyo station, originally built in 1914 is not only architecturally an interesting building, you can also find any type of restaurant and cafe inside and outside of the station building.

You can always find Restaurant Guide in front of the building. This is of Daimaru Department store, on Yaesu exit.In Japan, many restaurants are located either on the upper floor(s) or underground floor in office and shopping buildings. Restaurants on the upper floor are rather formal and expensive (JPY 2,000 and more per person) and offer a beautiful view. In the basement (underground floor) you can find more affordable options such as noodle or fast food chains (JPY 500 and more per person). You may find no places to eat when you browse around on the ground level, but do not worry – they are there! Just go up or down. In front of the building, you can usually find a restaurant guide (a panel) that shows on which floor you can find what. The image on the side is of the Daimaru Department store, at the Yaesu exit. Daimaru Department store offers a wide range of dining options.


Marunouchi Buildings – for Posh People

On Marunouchi (West) side, there are twin buildings called “Maru-Biru (Marunouchi Building)” and “Shin Maru-biru (New Marunouchi Building)”. Both buildings have several restaurant floors where you can find eating establishments such as Kua Aina (Hawaiian Gourmet Burger) and Au gout du jour Nouvelle Ere (Michelin-starred French Restaurant). Other restaurants include:

  • Suju Dining – Japanese with seasonal vegetables. View at night is beautiful
  • Siam Heritage Tokyo – Thai Restaurant with panorama of Tokyo Station. Lunch Buffet available
  • Shoufukurou Tokyo – Michelin-starred Japanese. Never be disappointed. Reservation is recommended.
  • So Tired – Food is not very special, but you can have lunch / dinner at 7th floor terrace with a wonderful view of Tokyo Station and Imperial Palace. Open until 4:00am

Suju Restaurant is one of my favorite. Traditional Japanese
Suju Restaurant is one of my favorites. Traditional Japanese

Yaesu area – for Izakaya lovers

In the Yaesu area (east side) there are many small izakaya (Traditional Japanese sake and tapas bar) and street food diners crammed into a narrow street. You can choose from a variety of traditional Japanese street food such as Yakitori, Takoyaki, Oden, Ramen and more.

Many small Izakaya are open at lunchtime for business people
Many Izakaya are also open at lunchtime for business people

Mini Shinto gateway on the street corner
Mini Shinto shrine on a street corner

Tokyo Station 2nd floor – if you are in a hurry

If you have no time to eat outside of the station, I recommend to go to “Kitamachi dining (北町ダイニング)” at the second floor of the station. Because it is a bit difficult to find, you can always find a table without waiting.

Tokyo Yatai (Asian dining) . With all-you-can-eat cakes and fruits!
Tokyo Yatai (Asian dining). With all-you-can-eat cakes and fruits!

Overview of dining options around Tokyo Station

Have a look at the official websites of the department stores and office buildings around Tokyo Station to plan your lunch or dinner.