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Cafe de Ginza Miyuki-kan: charming neighborhood cafe

Cafe de Ginza Miyuki-kan is a chain of cafes almost exclusively located in the Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo. Established in 1969, Cafe de Ginza specializes in handmade pastry. If you walk around Ginza you are bound to run into one of their cafes, easily accessible from the street level with their signature red canopy.

Following the example of classic Ginza cafes from the first half of the 20th century, Cafe de Ginza aims to provide the same kind of atmosphere. Its interior is very cozy with stucco walls and old-looking wood. It all works very well to get the kissaten feeling.

In comparison with Cafe Paulista and Ginza Tricolore, I feel this place is more down to earth. Even though the price of a single coffee is steep, if you add a sweet it’s not all that expensive. Lunch is also reasonable priced at a little over JPY 1000.

Interior of Cafe de Ginza (6-chome)

This cafe is mainly well-known for its chestnut mont blanc of which 200,000 are sold each year. They are also serving classic handmade scones with fresh cream and marmelade that are hard to resist. Parfaits, smoothies and several types of cakes are also offered (chiffon cake etc). No speciality coffee here, just regular blend coffee. One cup of coffee comes at a premium price, but gets cheaper together with a lunch or cake set.

The interesting thing about Cafe de Ginza is that they have not just one, but five cafes in Ginza (plus one store selling cakes). While other cafes expanded to other neighborhoods in Tokyo and even outside of Tokyo, Ginza de Cafe just stayed in Ginza. One exception though, they opened one cafe in Tachikawa in 1982.

The main cafe is located in the 6th district (6-chome, in yellow on the map below).

Handmade scone

Cute syrop can

Cafe at 5-chome

In practice

Main cafe: 6-5-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
See others on the map below

Opening hours for main cafe (opening hours are different for each cafe):
9:00-23:30 (opens weekends at 10:00, closes on Sunday and holidays at 23:00)

Budget: JPY 756 for one coffee (cheaper in combination with food item)


Name in Japanese: 銀座みゆき館